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For your convenience, a PDF document containing the
TMA Policy Statement
is available for download above.

  • Admittance to private lessons and classes is by registration through The Music Academy website.
  • Students are expected to enroll for a full semester unless otherwise arranged and approved by the Director. The academic year consists of two 18-week semesters and a Summer Semester.
  • All lessons must be paid for in advance.  A student must register online before lessons begin.  Payment is due before the semester begins and may be made by check or money order via mail, deposited in the payment box, or in person.
  • All private students enrolling at The Music Academy must pay a non-refundable registration fee at the time of registration each academic year.
  • All lessons and classes must be paid for whether taken or missed. The Music Academy assumes no obligation to make up lessons missed due to student absences. If a teacher is absent, a mutually convenient make-up lesson time will be arranged. If a student misses such a make-up lesson, a second make-up lesson will not be arranged and payment will be required as for a regular student absence.
  • A student may withdraw during the first four weeks of each of the two semesters and be obligated to pay only for those four weeks, whether or not lessons were taken or missed due to student absence.  In this case a refund will be given for the remaining weeks. There are no refunds after the first four weeks and the student payment plan, agreed to at the beginning of the semester, must be honored.
  • In the event of inclement weather, it may be necessary to cancel lessons and classes. The Music Academy may close when State College Area Schools close, but lessons are at the discretion of the teacher. The teacher and the student are at liberty to meet for lessons should they decide to. Cancelled lessons or classes will be made up.
  • If lessons have been stopped because tuition payment is in arrears, instructors are not required to make up such missed lessons, even after payment is brought up to date.

  • It is the responsibility of the parent and/or student to notify the Director when problems arise, whether financial or instructional. Every effort will be made to respond to individual need.

  • Placement of each student with a particular teacher is carefully and individually considered at the time of enrollment. If a change of instructor is recommended by the instructor or desired by the student or parent, the matter will be resolved by the Director.

  • The Music Academy reserves the right to discontinue lessons for any student due to frequent absence (more than three consecutive lessons), frequent tardiness, behavioral problems, delinquency in payment of fees, or failure to abide by policy. A student wishing to discontinue at the end of a semester must notify the instructor and the office.

  • Children may not be left on the premises unattended. During their lesson time, they are under the supervision of the faculty. At other times, The Music Academy is not responsible for students, and parent/ guardians will be charged for any damages incurred to the premises by any student.

  • The Music Academy reserves the right to withdraw any instruction listed for which enrollment is not sufficient to warrant the organization of a class.