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Classes may require a minimum enrollment. To ensure the class will proceed, please enroll PRIOR TO the first week of the new semester.


2790 W. College Ave., Ste. 7
  State College, PA 16801


Chamber Music Class
Instructors: Sally Williams Minnich/Paul Kim
Ages: 11-18
Day and Time TBD
Tuition: $125 / 8 weeks
Fall Dates TBD

This class is for intermediate and advanced instrumental students who wish to participate in a small, coached chamber group (trios, quartets). Classes will meet for 8 weeks; 4 sessions will be coached by the instructor; 4 sessions will be rehearsal sessions. Students will learn how to shape music as a dynamic unit, refine listening skills, and develop empathetic playing with others. Repertoire will include standard classical pieces, with opportunities to explore contemporary arrangements of other styles and genres. Arranging and improvising will also be encouraged. Groups may perform on a recital near the end of the semester.
The Creative Ensemble
Instructor: Kevin Sims
Ages 10-18 (instrumentalists, singers)
Tuition: $175 / 14 weeks
Fall Dates TBD
(Email for more information.)

The Creative Ensemble is a small, open-ended group which is largely student-directed, but instructor guided. The goal is to give students small-group playing and rehearsing experience, and to encourage improvisation, arranging, composition, and basic recording software and production techniques. In the Ensemble, decisions are made together, emphasizing "conductor-less" playing with songs and exercises that students design and contribute. Everyone works together to put songs together while learning valuable lessons in communication, recording, and performing.

Listen to some works of The Creative ensemble:

YogaSing for Actors, Singers and Musicians
Instructors: Bonnie Cutsforth-Huber
Ages: 9-13
Tuesday Evenings beginning on October 2 / Time TBD
Tuition: $200 / 10 weeks

YogaSing is a method designed specifically for singers, actors, and musicians. The focus is on a stronger mind/body/breath connection, as well as the identification and release of unhealthy tension in the body. YogaSing also promotes more mental focus, techniques to deal with nerves and stage fright, and more ease of motion.

FREE YogaSing workshop on 
Tuesday, September 18,
7:00 - 8:00 PM