Please refer to TMA's policy for more details, including expectations from students and complete guidelines.

Groups may require a minimum enrollment. To ensure the class will proceed, please enroll PRIOR TO the first week of the new semester.

All instruction for the Spring Semester 2017 will begin the week of January 29th, unless otherwise noted.


2790 W. College Ave., Ste. 7
  State College, PA 16801


Beginner Piano Group Instruction

Instructor: Brooke Welsh
Ages 8 and up

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30
Tuition: $450/18 Weeks

Here is a class designed to meet the need for affordable beginner piano instruction in a one hour time frame! The course focuses on the fundamentals of piano technique and theory. In a hands-on piano lab group setting, students will be introduced to keyboard orientation, music reading, and notation. Sign up for an exciting time and learn the thrill of exploring the piano with other area youth.

Guitar Ensemble 
Instructor: Jay Tyler Nelson
Ages 10-18 
Mondays 5:45-6:45 
Tuition: $225 / 15 weeks

Beginning and intermediate students are invited to develop their guitar playing skills while collaborating with others playing folk and rock songs. Students will learn songs using tablature and 
rote learning approaches, building guitar technique as well as rhythm and ensemble skills. Students must bring their own instrument.

Music, Movement and Expression

Instructor: Brooke Welsh
Ages 5 and up
Tuesdays 5:30-6:15
Tuition: $168/12 weeks

Children are invited to explore music in a fun and exciting way! This is an introductory music class with a focus on the exploration of music, movement and emotional expression. In a hands-on setting children will explore the piano and learn how to express themselves and their feelings through music listening exercises. Children will collaborate with others their age to EXPRESS THEMSELVES, LAUGH, and LEARN about the JOY of Music-Making.

Electronic Music Production and Song Writing
Instructor: Jay Tyler Nelson
Ages: 12-18
Mondays 7:00-8:00
Tuition: $225 / 15 weeks

Aspiring electronic music makers will be guided to create their own tracks and beats using digital music software. Exploring EDM (Electronic Dance Music, e.g. techno, dubstep, trap, etc.), students will learn the basics of songwriting, arranging, and orchestrating, while discovering available tools and software and gaining experience in digital music creation. Students can bring their own computer or tablet, or use tools provided in the classroom. Students without a personal device will be able to burn a CD of their work at the end of the course.

The Creative Ensemble
Instructor: Kevin Sims
Ages 10-18 (instrumentalists, singers)

Day/Time: TBD
Tuition: $168/14 weeks

The Ensemble is a small, open-ended group which is largely student-directed, but instructor guided. The goal is to give students small-group playing and rehearsing experience. In the Ensemble, decisions are made together and improvisation, composition, arranging and "conductor-less" playing are put into practice with songs and exercises that students contribute. Everyone works together to put songs together while learning valuable lessons in communication, recording and performing.

Creative Musicianship (2 Classes)
Instructor:  Anne-Marie Hildebrandt
Saturday Classes
Ages 8-11:  9:00-9:50 AM 
 Ages 12-18:  10:00-10:50 AM
Tuition: $255/ 15 weeks

Students build a foundation for music theory and aural skills while enjoying collaborative, creative music making.  Fun activities include improvisation, playing by ear, singing, dictation, keyboard, song writing, and analysis.